Of crises, opportunities, and construction behemoths

Brazil’s current political and economic crises present the country with the unique opportunity to implement much-delayed reforms that can revitalize its democracy and put the country on the path to sustained growth and development. Still, turning these reforms from possibility into policy is a major challenge, as they not only face resistance on many fronts, but also depend on a political class that is widely perceived as corrupt and out of touch.

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3 years ago
March 2016 protest at Paulista Avenue

Looking back at Brazil’s 2016: not everything was horrible (really!)

It is undeniable that 2016 was a complicated year that left many Brazilians with a feeling of pessimism or apathy towards the future of the country. However, if we take a deep breath and a step back and calmly reexamine this very busy year, we can see that despite (or perhaps even because of) all the crises, it brought the country some very positive changes. One of these changes was the breaking of certain taboos.Read more

3 years ago
10 Measures Against Corruption

Institutional chaos

On one hand, Brazil’s Public Prosecutor’s Office wants to use society’s decreasing faith in Congress to take its place as legislator, pushing laws that serve its own interests but not necessarily the public’s. Proposed in the name of the fight against corruption, some of these laws excessively increase the State’s power over individuals. To garner popular support and pressure Congress into passing these laws, prosecutors have packaged them into a neat “10 Measures Against Corruption” act that hides their complexity and disguises their more controversial aspects.Read more

3 years ago